PETRO FARAYAND ENERGY (PFE) as a well known and reputable company, in engineering and procurement services is an EP consultant experienced in Oil, Gas, Refineries, Petrochemical and other industrial plants technology.

Petro Farayand Energy has been ranked by Iranian planning & management organization in the fields of Gas refinery, Oil refinery, Petrochemical industries, pipelines and Gas & Oil booster stations.

PFE has achieved exceptional results by making extensive use of highly advanced and developed systems in design and procurement and also efficient coordination between engineering and procurement activities, meeting the time schedule for effective cost control for the benefit of the client.

PFE in cooperation with itís share holder company, SAKHTAR FARDA Co. (SF) which is ranked as an EPC contractor, have carried out several oil & gas projects.

The key element of our philosophy for providing successful Project Services, is to form a working relationship to protect client interests and accomplish client goals in a cost-effective manner. We build teamwork by identifying mutual objectives and maintain teamwork through open, honest and professional attitudes and candid communication.

This philosophy produces a quality project that is safe, technically and environmentally sound, cost effective, and completed on schedule.

PFE offers the following major services to clients :


              Feasibility study

                   Basic design

                   Detail design

                   Planning and Scheduling

                   Procurement services

                   Construction management

                   Site supervision

                   Technical assistance services